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Business Sense: How do you do it?
When we learned about the recent upcoming PG&E power outage Wednesday evening we immediately drove to McKinleyville to get gas and some cash … just in case. Upon arrival to Macktown we discovered the ATM was out of money and we fell short by two cars into 2X gas stations before they both ran out […]
Part of a good financial or estate legacy is having documentation around said legacy. This is what we call a legacy drawer or legacy kit. Your legacy kit should contain plenty of documentation around resources, instructions, and contact information in the event of your untimely and eventual death. This is planning at its best. First […]
Networking Humboldt is like networking anywhere else on earth. You have to go where the people are. Find the people that are your potential network partners and go form relationships with them. Here are a few steps that are local and practical that you may employ: 1. Use social media. I mean Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, […]
Business Sense: Perception is your reality