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“I own a truck repair company that services the very large vehicles that are the backbone of goods transportation across North America.  Recently we found evidence that rodents had been chewing through wiring insulation. Today, much of it is soy instead of petroleum-based and this is attractive to rats and other rodents. “If you saw […]
This foreign language offers unique benefits to: 1. College students who want an educational advantage when seeking employment, and; 2. American business looking for new, overseas markets. Can you guess what it is? It is French, the language of romance, culture, style, fine food and terrific business opportunities, as you’ll see, but first: If you […]
Today’s article will be of special interest to: • Employers needing competent, experienced and responsible employees, and; • Competent, experienced, responsible people with wrinkles who want to work in our country’s economy that needs their skills but is haunted by bias and prejudice against the older worker. But first, a question: Who hasn’t read stories […]