‘Powders and Time’: Arcata dentist set to release second book in a series

Arcata dentist set to release second book in a series

Richard Benoit is an Arcata dentist and an author. He’s set to release a new book, “Powders and Time,” in March. (Courtesy of Richard Benoit)

Richard Benoit is a dentist and an author — and he’s getting ready to self-publish the second book in his Pulvology series.

“Powders and Time” (Wise Ink, $12.95) will be released March 17 and will be available at local bookstores and through online vendors, said Benoit, who has had a dental practice in Arcata for more than 28 years.

“Powers and Time” is the second book in Richard Benoit’s Pulvology series. (Courtesy of Richard Benoit)

“This book, like my first, ‘A Pinch of Powder,’ is a middle grade to adult fiction story full of humor and excitement with the added benefit of STEM awareness, presenting science as fun, entertaining and a valued part of life.”

The books are about two young siblings, Jim and Carrie, and a scientist who studies powders with unusual powers.

“At the end of the first book, one character is altered by a new powder, obtaining the ability to turn invisible,” Benoit said. “In the second book, this character is taken to a strange place and offered the chance to become a ruler. His sister and others rush to rescue him, but the rescue doesn’t turn out the way they expect.”

Benoit originally came up with these stories nearly two decades ago for his young children.

“We would often go sit outside and I would tell them stories I made up,” he said. “Their favorites were about a scientist that used powders for amazing purposes, but as the years passed, I began to forget the stories so I wrote them down. I wanted stories that showed science could be fun, that having brains and thinking through problems was an important part of success and that girls are just as good at science as boys.”

Benoit, who still works full time, writes in the early mornings and on the weekends. To date, he’s penned nine books, with two published and more to come. His first book in the series, “A Pinch of Powder,” won a gold decree from the Mom’s Choice Awards and a Bronze citation from the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards.

“The third book (in the series) is written and I’ll be sending it to the editor,” Benoit said. “There will be a fourth book and possibly a fifth. It all depends on how the characters want me to wrap up the story.”

For more information about the author and his books, go to www.richardedwardbenoit.com.


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