If you care, do not vote to nominate Bernie Sanders

The American electorate is split into three roughly equal parts: Trumpists, Progressives, and moderates/centrists. There is no reasoning with the first two, so it is moderates/centrists who will decide the 2020 presidential election. Sanders is so extreme that many of them would vote for Trump over Sanders, so if Sanders is nominated, Trump will be elected. I repeat, to nominate Sanders is to elect Trump. If you don’t believe this then consider NPR and AP’s reporting of Russia’s current interference in our election: they are pushing for two candidates, Trump and Sanders.

So if you care about the health and future of this country, do not vote to nominate Bernie Sanders for the Democratic party’s candidate.

David Callow, McKinleyville

Vote for Bernie Sanders, vote for Cliff Berkowitz

We must vote on March 3; for we are in a welfare state, welfare for the wealthy, 1%, and big corporations! Welfare for real estate barons who are donors and get their way all the time!!!! We need someone who is not afraid of the establishment, political parties, health insurance companies, big corporations, but who will support workers against the greed of the wealthy…look at Bloomberg outright buying the DNC! Someone who works with unions, who supports co-ops, working people on the boards of corporations!

You know who I am talking about, vote Bernie, a DEMOCRATIC socialist! He works for US, not them!

And vote Cliff because he does not listen to big donors, but to the everyday person in Humboldt; nor is he rude and obscene to people of color.

Pat Kanzler, RN, Eureka

Rex Bohn is doing a good job for the 1st District

In the past few months I have seen Rex Bohn, our 1st District supervisor, at the Ferndale Wildcat Football game, the Ferndale Tractor Parade, the Ferndale Rotary Fundraiser, and the Ferndale 4-H Breakfast. Why? Because he is interested in helping fundraise for the young people in his 1st District. He cares and so do I. If I disagree with something that is going on I send off an email and Rex will get back to me. Why? Because he cares. I believe Rex Bohn is doing a good job. Do I agree with everything? No, I don’t, and I tell him so, and he listens.

On Tuesday, March 3, I will vote for Rex Bohn, 1st District supervisor. Why? Because he cares. Please consider Rex Bohn for 1st District supervisor.

Joyce F. Coppini, Ferndale

Cliff Berkowitz is the climate change realist

I’m voting for my friend Cliff Berkowitz for First Supervisor — excuse me — 1st District Supervisor (reading Rex’s signs I wonder if he’s trying to create a new office). Cliff has a long history of community involvement from his successful business acumen in creating and maintaining the most-listened to music station in the county to effective advocacy of a trails system essential to the North Coast economy. I would add to his passion and compassion for community his depth of understanding and ability to think and adapt as circumstances require. And while he doesn’t have the experience of his opponent (usually the case when an incumbent is challenged — should we ditch elections altogether?), he is a quick study. He’ll be ready right out of the gate.

Most importantly, with what’s at stake with Humboldt Bay and surrounding infrastructure we simply cannot afford the time for leadership to come around to climate change. We have to prepare now, not in 10 years. At this point all serious community leaders must understand this.

With the frequent failures of delivery of power with the PG&E CEO lecturing the public about how we should just expect outages over the next decade, we need community leaders flexible enough to consider which models of power generation and delivery in California have worked, which have failed, and understand the community distrust of proposals generated in the context of the long mismanaged grid.

For these reasons and many others, I urge you to vote for Cliff.

Eric V. Kirk, Eureka

Re-elect Estelle Fennell to Board of Supervisors

I have known Estelle for over eight years and I believe she is the right person for the second district. No matter who is in office, you can never please everyone, but Estelle listens, thinks and does what is best for the second district. What she (and the board) have done for the small rural fire departments is fantastic thanks to Measure Z funding. She cares about the entire district from southern Humboldt to Fortuna. A very unique and large area that grows trees, cows and pot. From rodeos to Reggae on the River. Estelle has proven her worth. I urge you to give her another term to finish up many important issues facing the Board of Supervisors. Please vote, and vote for Estelle.

Dave Nicholson, Hydesville

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