Vote Estelle Fennell for 2nd District supervisor

I am writing to voice my support for Supervisor Estelle Fennell in her 2020 reelection bid.

Having known and admired Supervisor Fennell for several years and having attended two recent election debates, I have to say that she is a shining star among the several candidates running for this office. The other candidates fall woefully short on experience and the ability to explain just how they would help solve the multitude of serious issues confronting Humboldt County.

As a resident of the 2nd District, I know that Supervisor Fennell is dedicated to both her district and Humboldt County as a whole. She works hard and gets results. We need her.

Please remember to vote on March 3.

Walter Harry Wilson, Fortuna

Support Cliff Berkowitz for 1st District supervisor

I have worked with Cliff Berkowitz and believe he possesses the qualities that make someone a good elected public servant.

Cliff is stable. He has been with his wife, Amy, for 40-plus years, and was with KHUM for 26 years.

Cliff is industrious. He started an award-winning radio station (KHUM), which grew to provide numerous jobs and to become a significant source of community support.

Cliff is diplomatic. He has interviewed hundreds of people with as many perspectives, and done so with grace. He listens, and he builds consensus. He builds bridges, not fences.

Cliff is responsible. He does his research and bases his decisions on best-available information.

Cliff is dedicated to community service. A quick glance at his website ( shows a long list of nonprofits that he has helped over the years, raising thousands and thousands of dollars for them.

Cliff understands the broad spectrum of needs amongst our community. He has been walking door to door for months, speaking to people about their concerns, listening to what matters most to them.

Cliff is respectful. He is also kind, and friendly, and generous. He has a vision for Humboldt County at its best. With our votes, he will work cooperatively with his fellow supervisors to make that vision a reality.

Please join me in voting for Cliff Berkowitz for 1st District supervisor on March 3. Thank you.

Alexander Farrell, Eureka

Vote for change, vote for Cliff in the 1st District

Fortunately, I have a candidate for 1st District Supervisor that will confidently get my vote. That candidate is Cliff Berkowitz. He can be trusted to make responsible, educated decisions that will be in the best interest of the entire county. Cliff has a history of genuine, hands-on community support. Berkowitz has been actively involved in community service for 25 years.

• Started Stop the Violence campaign and the Healing Breakfasts

• Supports Food for People and Stand Down

• Longtime MC with his wife, Amy, for the Kinetic Grand Championship Race

• Volunteered for years with the Redwood Coast Music Festivals

• Has worked many hours during crises to provide resources and information

Cliff Berkowitz teaches communication skills at HSU. His openness and transparency in communication will complement his effectiveness as your next 1st District supervisor.

If you are interested in a representative that recognizes that the county needs to continue working for innovative solutions to Humboldt’s pressing challenges, I encourage you to vote for Cliff Berkowitz; vote for a change.

Bruce Hitchko, Eureka; retired educator; retired BTJ pipefitter, Local 342

Elizabeth Warren best pick to defeat Donald Trump

Elizabeth Warren is the best suited among the current Democratic candidates to challenge and defeat President Trump in November. She is a strong progressive who unabashedly embraces capitalism, thus weakening Trump’s hot-button arguments against socialism. On this point, the news that Russia is working to boost the campaign of Bernie Sanders, while at the same time trying to ensure Trump’s re-election, suggests that fear of socialism is one of the major weapons Trump plans to use against Democrats in the election.

The existence of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau demonstrates both Warren’s ability to craft solutions to average voters problems and to achieve policy objectives in the face of fierce opposition from powerful financial interests. She has well thought out plans for all of the major issues facing our nation. The wealth tax is supported by a majority of voters in both parties.

Warren offers a stark contrast to Trump. She answers voters’ questions directly in easy to understand terms, admits her errors, and never seeks to intentionally mislead people. She is a tireless advocate of working Americans, challenging the stranglehold of the super wealthy and corporations on our political process. Also, unlike Trump, she is not an autocrat and does not demonize and seek to punish those with whom she disagrees.

Finally, Warren has demonstrated the ability to identify and surgically expose her opponent’s weaknesses on the debate stage. She has my vote.

Lewis Boddie, Rio Dell

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