Okay Democrats, it’s time to focus. Too many of you are suffering from TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome). Stop checking your Twitter, Facebook and newsfeeds on your smartphones every five minutes. Yes, President Trump is going to lie and do something stupid today and tomorrow. He does this just to poke a finger in your chest. Let it go. You knew the Senate was going to acquit Trump. It was a foregone conclusion. You didn’t think they were going actually to bring in witnesses and evidence, did ya?

We really need to talk. You can’t run political campaigns on boutique issues when the majority of voters have WinCo and Wal-Mart tastes. Get over transgender rights. Nobody cares in the Midwest. Forget climate change, cuz every voter worried about that is already voting Democrat. Reparations? For whom? Blacks, Native-Americans, Jews? Free health care for illegal immigrants is a losing issue. Eliminating ICE? Wiping out student loan debt? Murderer and rapist prisoners voting? No borders? Woke political correctness? When does this progressive insanity end? Might as well hand the election to Trump.

Get off the crazy train and get back on issues that most Americans care about like raising the federal minimum wage, which is $7.25 an hour in many Red states; legalizing cannabis and eliminating it as a Schedule 1 drug; background checks for automatic weapons; easing building codes so we can build more affordable housing; most cities need a lot of homeless housing; affordable opioid rehab; Medicare price caps for prescription pharmaceuticals; health care insurance reform; child care; taxing corporations fairly to pay for our crumbling infrastructure; getting out of senseless wars in the Middle East. Name one Democrat candidate talking about these issues?

Right now the Democrats are an embarrassment. We’ve had four years and we can’t even develop an app that can add? Jennifer Palmieri, former White House Communications Director for President Obama said of the Iowa caucus fiasco, “It’s one of the greatest debacles I’ve witnessed in American politics, and I’ve witnessed some debacles.” You know what Trump will say, “If these Democrats can’t run a simple caucus in a small state, how can they possibly run a country?”

Why do we even have the Iowa caucus, which is nothing more than a human cattle call in one of the smallest states? The candidates spend months and millions of dollars going to 99 counties to try to influence a handful of political activists. The voters literally have to physically line up at one of the 1,800 different caucus locations in the state, such as a barn, high school gymnasium or local bar and be counted by hand and stay there all night long if necessary. Know which group of voters gets tired and wants to go home to go to sleep? Seniors!

When I think of Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders I can’t help but to think of the Muppet’s old geezer characters “Statler and Waldorf” up in the balcony. Bernie will be 79 by the time we vote this November and Biden turns 79 three weeks after the November election. I’ll remind you that Bernie’s not even a Democrat. He’s changes his voter registration every few years from Independent to Democrat to use the D’s political machine to run for office. Then he changes back to an Independent. Better yet, study England’s Jeremy Corbyn, who was their Labour Party (Democratic Socialist) candidate. Corbyn is an older man who looks like Bernie and just led them to their worst political defeat since 1935.

I get it, it’s a rigged game. To keep the peace our Founding Fathers made some glaring compromises (mistakes) between the large and small states with our United States Constitution. Every state gets two United States Senators, regardless of their population. That means a Wyoming Senator with 289,000 constituents has as much power (vote) as a California Senator with 20 million constituents.

They also crafted the Electoral College where each state gets the number of electoral votes (Congressional and Senates seats) in a “winner take all”. California currently has 55 electoral votes (53 Congressional and 2 Senates seats), while other states, such as Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota only have 3 electoral votes (1 Congressional and 2 Senates seats). This threw out the power of large population states having majority vote wins. It’s possible that the Democratic candidate could win this 2020 election by over five million popular votes and yet still lose the Electoral College.

Matthew Owen resides in Eureka.

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