Gareth Miller, Eureka: I’m an Army veteran. I joined in 2003 and I was active duty; I was Army National Guard and went all over the world. Then I had a traumatic brain injury and now I’m disabled. I’ll probably look at some old photos and feel sad that I couldn’t serve for life.
Kelly Summers, Eureka: I have to work, so it’s just a regular day for us. (On a regular long weekend), probably I’m looking for some beach time.
Iraj Lopez, Eureka: We’ll be hosting a live acoustic show at 328 Second St. on Saturday morning with a big number of local artists playing. On my day off Monday, I’ll be chilling in the backyard playing with this little pupper (whose name is Spooky!).
Jacob James, Eureka: I have a friend from Colorado coming down and we’re all just going to hang out around town. It will be a good, relaxing weekend.
Eric Tschillard, Bayside: I’m a vegetable farmer and our season’s winding to the end so I don’t get a day off. (If I were to have a day off), I’d relax, have a beer and sit back for a minute!
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