Lack of preparation was astoundingly obvious

Thank you, PG&E. It was obvious to a whole lot of us Wednesday how UNPREPARED we really were.

Lucy Quinby, Eureka

Think of the children when thinking about Medicare

In reading Michael Walls’ “My patients deserve Medicare for All” (Times-Standard, Oct. 5, Page A4), I was reminded of something that has bothered me for at least 30 years. When my oldest son was born he was prone to ear infections. At the time my husband and I had an insurance policy that had a $500 deductible. We were basically pretty healthy people or just couldn’t afford to pay the deductible so we would ride it out. When my son would start showing signs of having yet another ear infection we would wait to see if he could get better and in doing this it damaged his ears. Now as an adult he is hard of hearing and I feel awful about it. Being young struggling parents having to worry about money in a time when their child needs a doctor should not happen in this country. I am all for this Medicare for All. At least for the children.

Patricia Prows, McKinleyville

Reader sends appreciation for the blackout edition

Thank you for getting out the paper Thursday.

We did not get power till 1:45 a.m.

Good job, I was pleasantly surprised.


Minnie Wolf, Eureka

Regarding the recent countywide power outage

That wind farm is looking better all the time.

Cecelia Holland, Fortuna

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