Jeff Pauli, Eureka: Don’t hate. What’s the purpose of hate?
Tom Candrian, Trinidad: As with everything, I believe in openness and looking at it from all different angles. I’m a firm believer in Howard Zinn’s philosophy of trying to look at it not only from the perspective of the society talking about it but the other societies that might have reasons for looking at that as a good idea. Of course, violence is never the right thing to do.
Diane Leiker, Arcata: It was absolutely predictable. And we waged war on the wrong country. Saudi Arabia (and Egypt) were behind it 100%. Why not tell the truth?
Samantha Betancourt, Arcata: I was one year old in 2001. People explained it to me in general terms. I would want people to go into all the details and tell the whole story of what happened.
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