Join the DAR in honoring Constitution Week

Constitution Week begins on Sept. 17. It is the 232nd anniversary of the signing of our country’s Constitution. It took 100 days to finish the framing of the Constitution.

It is time to remember the struggles that were taking place when a group of delegates from the various states met in Philadelphia to modify or rewrite the Articles of Confederation. They initially had no idea that they would dump the Articles and literally start from scratch.

The purpose of the Daughters of the American Revolution is to promote education, preserve our historic past and join in patriotic endeavors. Would you please join with me and my fellow daughters in recognizing this awesome document by publishing this recognition of its birthday!

Jean K. Giannini, Eel River Valley, Constitution Week Chairman

Help local students see their way to success

All of us have a stake in making sure our McKinleyville children experience success in school. My daughter had a good experience but had long since gone on to a successful career. I wondered how I could contribute now to the success of current students.Two years ago I found a simple yet effective way to contribute — I joined with the McKinleyville Lions Club and conducted vision screening in our area schools.

Promoting vision health is the primary mission of the Lions Club — and healthy vision is just basic to students’ success. The vision screening the Lions conduct can detect both normal, healthy vision and also detect vision problems that alert parents to seek appropriate care. The Lions can help advise parents with resources on how to follow up with any needed care.

The McKinleyville Lions will be conducting vision screening in our schools beginning Sept. 10 at Dow’s Prairie School. Dates for our other schools will be scheduled shortly throughout the early fall.

Wouldn’t you like to ensure our McKinleyville students can SEE their way to success? Learning the screening process is simple and your reward is seeing the smiles of students who see that you care.

Give it a try this fall for a few daytime hours — feel free to contact me for more information:

Phone: 707-839-9629. Facebook: McKinleyville Lions Club.

Pat Thomas, secretary, McKinleyville Lions Club

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