Fight for a better, safer world for all of us

I loved “My Word” by Kaden Hunter Crosby of Orleans (‘Make our earth livable again,’ Times-Standard, Aug. 16, Page A4). What an insightful and smart person.

I am over 70 and thought, “Wow, I hope Kaden will run for office. I’d be sure to vote for this compassionate young person.” Our entire world needs people like Kaden. We need passionate people from the top down!

However, it makes me sad to think that a 14-year-old should feel so fearful and burdened by what is happening to our planet. Many in my (hippie) generation fought and protested to make things better. I’d like to think we made a difference. Unfortunately, we are presently going backwards.

Kaden is so caring. Any 14-year-old should just be happy and concerned about family, friends, school, activities and having fun. Let’s all fight for a better and safer world for all the Kadens and future generations.

Louise Bacon-Ogden, Eureka

Paper needs more science, less blatant fearmongering

Congratulations to Rollin Richmond on his “Science for You” column concerning attitudes about GMOs (“If we’re so smart, why can’t we talk?”, Times-Standard, Aug. 11, Page A4). Emotional responses to fearmongering activists drive those attitudes. And with no counterbalance those attitudes become intrenched. The Times-Standard continually prints opinion pieces from the left that are highly provocative and almost never offers any balance. Even the AP “news” briefs are mini-editorials and they’re always from the political left.Unfortunately, many scientists and researchers are activists first, scientists second. And from those activists come most of the scary headlines. I would love for Mr. Richmond, coming from a position of respect in our community as he does, to pressure the Times-Standard to bring some balance to their publication.

The most recent horrifying example of shameful fearmongering is the My Word column from the youngster in Orleans, California. This child actually believes the world is coming to a catastrophic end caused by humans. I think what activists have done to the lives of the children of the world is criminal. Real science and the history of the Holocene would have a calming effect on the hysteria and hopelessness felt by so many young people today but it won’t be printed in the Times-Standard. Disagree with activists and you will be savaged. Someone recently responded to a letter that “science doesn’t have an agenda” and she was correct. It’s activists who have agendas. Honest scientists are not about headlines and power. Beware the scientists who refuse to debate science but demand policy change.

Jack Hopkins, Eureka

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