The North Coast Otters Public Arts Initiative, in collaboration with The Ink People Center for the Arts, is asking for artists to submit design proposals for a unique canvas: one of 100 three-foot otter sculptures that will be displayed all over the North Coast.

North Coast Otters combines citizen art and science to increase awareness and value in the natural world with the otter as the visual “spokesperson.” Otters will be auctioned in fall of 2020, and proceeds will benefit otter studies and student internships with community-based watershed projects.

The blank sculptures have been delivered to Humboldt State.

Artists are asked to decorate their otters around one or more of the following themes:

· Celebrating clean water and healthy habitats

· Enjoying wild places and outdoor spaces

· Embracing local vibe, culture, and tradition

· Connecting art, science and ways of knowing

Application submissions are due Aug.1, and artists will be able to take possession of the otters from Sept. 2 to Dec. 2. Artists interested in designing a North Coast Otter are encouraged to visit for details and application materials.

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