Stranded hikers on Gold Bluffs Beach assisted by Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies


On Thursday morning about 1 a.m., Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to the Gold Bluffs Beach area in Northern Humboldt for the report of four stranded hikers.

The subjects told dispatchers that the group had hiked several miles from their vehicle to camp on the beach. However, due to stormy weather conditions, the group’s tent blew away and the subjects had become stranded without shelter. As deputies responded to the area, the group was able to hike a trail to the Gold Bluffs Beach Campground and take shelter in a public restroom facility.

Deputies located the four hikers, who were cold but in good condition. Deputies transported the group back to their vehicle without further incident.

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office would like to offer a few tips for those choosing to camp or hike in our county:

• Always hike with a group, or at least one other person, and stay together.• Check the weather forecast before heading out to hike or camp and plan your trip accordingly.• Know your skill level and physical capabilities-choose trails within your or your group’s ability.• Inform someone of your travel plans-let them know where you are going, your planned route, when you plan to return and emergency numbers to call if you do not return at the scheduled time.• Bring a charged cell phone with you in case of emergencies, but do not rely on cell service in all areas.• Bring a flashlight, warm clothes, high energy snacks and water, in case your hike goes longer than expected.• If you get lost, stop where you are and assess the situation. Try to determine your location. If you are sure you can get yourself out using a map and compass, do so-otherwise stay put.

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