‘Show more respect and appreciation to our police’

How many occupations out there can you be killed or wounded? A soldier at war and a policeman. Our police suffer PTSD. They have to respond to sexual attacks on children, hit and run deaths of pedestrians, drug overdoses, and having to deal with the same offenders over and over because California’s laws aren’t tough enough.

Also, most articles you print, you portray the police negatively in shootings.

You print suspects are innocent until proven guilty. The police should be treated the same way.

Dave Startare, Eureka

Bypass would settle Richardson Grove fight

Back in the 1970s, Caltrans was busy building a freeway south of Garberville which would have bypassed Richardson Grove by crossing the river and going down the other side and then cross back near Cooks Valley to connect with another freeway segment. But the oil crisis in 1973 happened and, at the same time, a stingy director of Caltrans decided that most freeway construction was needed in Southern California so much of the construction money was redirected away from the North Coast. It seems ironic to me that none of these objections to widening Highway 101 would have been needed if that bypass was built.

Joel Morrison, Eureka

Unless workers are given a better shake, watch out

Just a quick shout-out and attaboy to Matthew Owen’s “You, sucker, paid more taxes than” (Times-Standard, May 5, Page A5). It’s important to get views from the other side of the political fence as we often did from the harrowing, dystopian, hate-laced, plagiarist screeds of He-Who-Cannot-be-Named. That said, I don’t miss him and am glad he finally reaped what he has sowed for so long.

Matthew is absolutely correct. If some way is not found to get more of this nation’s wealth into the pockets of rank-and-file working people, then I fear for our future. When I was very young, we had strong unions. Now they are dwindling. Almost half of the voters were fooled again by the charlatan now in the White House and the modern Republican Party. It cannot happen again.

The Scandinavian countries seem very well satisfied with (gasp, choke) socialism. We now have “socialism” for the wealthy as Matthew described. Americans deserve better, one way or the other.

Timothy Crlenjak, Eureka

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