Lorna Saner is showing her glass work at the Ferndale Arts Gallery. (Courtesy of the artist)

Lorna Saner is the Ferndale Art Gallery’s featured artist for the month of May. She is a longtime resident of Arcata and graduate of Humboldt State University.

Though she has no formal training, Saner has created art quilts, mentored by Teresa Hodgson of Eureka. She started painting due to its therapeutic value and is currently working with fused glass. The Fire Arts studio/gallery in Arcata is where she has constructed, fused and slumped her most current works. Until recently, her work could also be seen at Old Town Art Gallery and at Strawberry Creek Gallery in Trinidad before that gallery closed.

Saner — who often uses recycled glass — starts with clear glass as a base and adds color in strips, dots, small squares and odd shapes to start the process. Sometimes there is a plan or idea, but often there is not.

She makes functional pieces like bowls, plates, earrings, bracelets, pendants and night lights.

“Playing with glass is fun,” Saner said. “Obviously, cutting oneself multiple times per work session is not. Making funky houses, birds and oddly (artistically?) decorated dishes is the best fun.”

Ferndale Arts Gallery is located at 580 Main St. in Ferndale. For more information, go to www.ferndalearts.com.

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