May 7, Rex Appreciation Day

Congratulations to the Times-Standard for publishing the differing points of view as “My Word” columns concerning the behavior of Supervisor Rex Bohn in Times-Standard, April 21, pages A4 and A5. Acknowledging inappropriate or hurtful comments publicly is difficult and being judged by others is inevitable especially when you are an elected official that engages publicly as often as Mr. Bohn does. Let us for a moment put away the cloak of self-righteousness and political correctness and look at the man in perspective of our own experiences and behavior. How many of you, the readers, have told inappropriate “jokes” that insulted someone, or some group based on stereotypes be they sexual, racial, gender or political? Our experiences in the context of the time we were children are stamped in our brains and not lost over time. We may change our perspective, be more aware and grow from where we once were but we are still human with all the failings implied. Even though we grow, some vestiges of the past will remain.

Let’s now examine the behavior of the man, Rex Bohn. Does he work hard? Does he do for others? Does he represent everyone fairly? Is he a racist? In my 40 years as a resident of Humboldt County I have not had the pleasure of witnessing a harder working elected official. Though I do not agree with Rex a lot (of) the time regarding policy, he says and does what he believes to be true and good. His efforts on behalf of youth, victims of disasters, and other charity organizations is beyond question. In those same 40 years I have seen Mr. Bohn at every County Fair as a buyer supporting 4-H and FFA youth as they grow and learn positive values. Who is the first one to rally the citizens and rush off to support the victims of disaster with supplies, barbecues and/or fundraisers? Yes, it’s Supervisor Rex Bohn. As an attendee of many fundraisers he has picked on me, jokingly prodding me to be a better supporter, but never are the jokes intended to be hurtful. Rex is not a racist, but his words can be and were inappropriate. Let’s move on and remember who the man is and what he has done for the community.

Let he who has no sin cast the first stone.

Let’s have a Rex Appreciation Day before and during the next Board of Supervisors meeting, May 7. Bring your signs and let’s pack the sidewalk around the courthouse to say thanks.

Hank Beck, Eureka


On one hand I agree with the editorial, “Impeach? Doesn’t add up” (Times-Standard, April 25, A4) as not one Republican would give impeachment a yes vote. Also, any charges brought against Trump as president might be blocked, but after he leaves office he will no longer have immunity.

On the other hand more and more people are becoming increasingly concerned as Donald Trump shows signs of pre-dementia or a state of steady mental decline. Making up words, straying off topic, unable to finish sentences, false memories of where his father was born, confusing words like “oranges” and “origins” and more focused on self-adulation and defeating his opposition than on running the country. Dr. Bandy Lee, assistant clinical professor in law and psychiatry at Yale School of Medicine, recently edited a volume of essays in which a group of more than two dozen psychiatrists and mental health experts assessed the president as psychologically unfit for office.

His danger to the nation and the world will only increase with time. If the never-ending pressure of his presidency doesn’t make him snap, what will losing the election do to him and what will he do in the ensuing two months? This president is a clear and present danger to our safety and our democracy. The waiting game may seem like a good approach, but if we wait too long, it could be game over for the planet.

Larry DePuy, Eureka

Re: ‘Impeach? Doesn’t add up’ (Times-Standard, April 25, A4)

Bravo on your short but well written editorial! Well done. I agree … forget about spending time and money on impeachment proceedings.

“He’s just not worth it.”

Just vote him out. We CAN do that! Vote smart … ALWAYS.

Skylar Blue, Hydesville

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