HEARD IT ON THE STREET: What was the best thing you learned about the state you researched?

Anna Dorsch, 10, Miss Montana: I learned that Dennis Quaid was born in Montana and I also learned the state flower is bitterroot.


Kayla Maples, 10, Miss Tennessee: The best thing I learned is their (college) sports teams are named the Tennessee Volunteers and they abbreviate it as the Tennessee Vols.


Amalah Syphanthong, 11, Miss United States: I learned that the states all have different birds and they are all very cool in their own way.
Allyson Stivers, 10, Miss North Carolina: I was born in North Carolina and I thought it was really cool the Wright Brothers Memorial was there to honor their first flight.
Max Gunther, 10, Mr. Louisiana: One really cool fact that I learned about it was the state capital New Orleans, parts of it were below sea level and jazz was born in Louisiana.
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