‘Assange’s offense was that he told the truth’

Your Associated Press article on Julian Assange’s Gestapo-style arrest failed to point out that it violated international law and the sanctity of sanctuary.

It didn’t mention that Assange’s offense was that he told the truth, in revealing the murderous spirit of our imperial wars. We finally got a picture of it, in the “Collateral Damage” video where we overhear the jeering and brutal conversation of U.S. helicopter gunners as they pick off people and reporters in Baghdad, from the air.

Wikileaks however was not exclusively focused on the U.S.: for example 800,000 documents deal with Russia, and corruption everywhere.

The AP article smeared him as narcissistic and the media has built up this calumny.

But if you listen to him speak, and he’s all over you tube and other videos, he humbly expresses a belief in the right of people to know as much as they can about the world so they can have some control.

Judging from world reaction, his faith is betrayed. The population of the entire planet could be wiped out without our having any role in it except to pay for it. We have been anesthetized to atrocity and conditioned to life in a rogue state.

Teresa May opined that with Assange’s arrest, “no one is above the law.” But the U.S. crashes through law like a mad bull. Expect either measured or rabid responses from our leaders, but it deserves outrage.

Journalists everywhere are intimidated, and the First Amendment is in grave danger.

Ellen Taylor, Petrolia

League of Women Voters thanks event supporters

On behalf of the League of Women Voters of Humboldt County, I would like to thank our community for the outstanding support we received this year for our 28th State of the Community luncheon. We filled the Adorni Center to capacity.

Since 1992, the League of Women Voters has hosted an annual luncheon where we honor members of the community for their outstanding service and where the Chair of the Board of Supervisors reports on the state of our community.

This year’s recipients were Dell’Arte International and Michele McKeegan, community volunteer. Our keynote speaker, Cassandra Hesseltine, Humboldt Del-Norte Film commissioner, inspired us to embrace the beauty, diversity, and positive aspects of Humboldt County.

The State of the Community luncheon is the League’s only public fund raising event. The monies raised make it possible for the League to continue to provide non-partisan voter education services; public and televised candidate forums and printed materials such as the Guide to County Government and Facts for Voters, available at no cost.

Once again, we thank all of you for your support of our luncheon and hopefully we will see you next year for our 29th State of the Community Luncheon on April 24 at the Adorni Center as we celebrate 100 years of League and Women’s Right to Vote.

Judy Bennett, chair, State of the Community Luncheon

‘No reason to support empty static on the air’

“Après moi, le déluge.” That’s the phrase that comes to mind when I think of what Humboldt State University has done to a number of valuable programs that connected the academic institution to the community. Or perhaps it’s more like “Game of Thrones.” Why would two administrators, outgoing University President Lisa Rossbacher and retiring V.P. of Advancement Craig Wruck, wreck such havoc upon the university and the community by eviscerating KHSU, one of the most important local public radio stations serving the Northern California and Southern Oregon coasts? This on top of closing down the First Street Gallery in Eureka and the HSU football team.

I have been a volunteer at KHSU since 2008 and pitched at the most recent pledge drive which was obviously run under false pretenses. Following the firing of the majority of paid staff and the lock out of volunteers on Thursday, April 11, it appears that the administrators had planned the demise of KHSU well in advance. I had discontinued my sustainer soon after Katie Whiteside was arbitrarily fired months ago. I resumed my monthly donation more recently as I was so impressed with the dedication that the paid staff and volunteers all exhibited to keep creative, thought-provoking programs on the air. Once again I have cancelled my donation. No reason to support empty static on the air.

We need accountability. Let’s organize to ensure that the new president will repair the connection between “gown and town.”


Corinne Frugoni, Arcata

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