Rio Dell Police are searching for a suspect connected with an illegal butane honey oil hash lab explosion. (Rio Dell — contributed)

News release from the City of Rio Dell:

On Monday, officers from the Rio Dell Police Department served a search warrant at a house in the 300 block of First Avenue. The property had been the site of multiple explosions and a small fire earlier in the day that was extinguished by the Rio Dell Volunteer Fire Department. It is not known if anyone was injured in the blast.

The search found a sophisticated, closed-loop system for making butane honey oil, a form of concentrated marijuana. Three five‐gallon tanks marked as containing butane were found in the same outbuilding as the closed loop system.

In one of the residences, officers located 30 cases of butane canisters with each case holding 96 cans. Over 100 pounds of marijuana in various forms was seized as well as 165 marijuana plants ranging from three to eighteen inches in height. Other implements used in the manufacture of concentrated marijuana were also seized including extraction tubes and vacuum ovens. More than 200 empty butane canisters were also collected for proper disposal.

The Fire Department also assisted in removing the hazardous materials from the site. A person of interest has been identified and the investigation is continuing. Please call the Rio Dell Police Department if you have information on this matter. (707) 764‐5642

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