A call for the community of listeners to unite efforts

For over five decades, support and operation of KHSU has been a community-based affair. As listeners, members, business underwriters, Community Advisory Board members, volunteer program hosts and staff, we collectively defined the form it’s taken through communication, cooperation and collaboration.

As a KHSU member and supporter since the 1970s I look forward with much anticipation and hope to the resurrection of what once was “our community station” as a nonprofit version, free of fealty to abusive HSU administrative overlords. The most important ingredients — a core of dedicated radio veterans and an established, loyal audience willing to financially support a KHSU rebirth — already exist.

I have retrieved my 2019 donations from University Advancement and look forward to donating them and additional funding to creation of a Humboldt Bay area community radio station that gives us listeners the diverse programming we looked forward to hearing daily when we powered up our radio and 90.5 came on the air. (To demand a refund, call University Advancement at 707-826-5101.)

On many occasions over the years we’ve seen this community come together and provide the resources needed to meet the challenges of (re)creating sources of locally delivered cultural and social enrichment.Let’s do this! (If folks set up a start-up fund account, would you please let us non-Facebookers in the public know how to contribute? Thanks!)

Jud Ellinwood, Eureka

How my tax dollars are spent makes me sick

I am paying my 2018 income tax under protest and I am symbolically withholding $1 from my taxes due.

The way my taxes are used in this country goes against my conscience. They are used to buy and build deadly weapons, suppress dissent and democracy, bomb innocent civilians around the world, overturn democratically elected governments, imprison children and scapegoat innocent refugees, and destroy the natural environment and all life in it.

This administration in particular is openly destroying any semblance of democracy and snubbing the rule of law. They are gangsters and thieves, liars and murderers. They are sinister. They are stacking the courts so that the rule of law is almost completely obliterated. They are recklessly endangering us all. They are profiting and polluting and destroying.

I do not support an oligarchy, a government run by the wealthy or the military or the banking-financial industry or the weapons industries.

I am sending a copy of this letter to the IRS, my state tax board, my Congressional representatives and my local newspapers. If you, the workers at these institutions reflect on the state of the world and the state of this country, I hope you will join me in speaking out for sanity, compassion and healing.

Terri Freedman, Eureka

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