Thank you to all KHSU volunteers and staff

I have to go with the “phoenix from the ashes” theory.

Be gone, axes in hand, you current administrators responsible for gutting KHSU.

Onward with true leaders who can sustain a budget, truly invest in and nurture the deep-seated community roots between our university and region, bring back the First/Third Street Art Gallery, Football, and most important of all: sing back KSHU. In a nation with factions hostile to public and diverse media, we cannot afford to lose this precious community station that should be featuring both local and student voices. Thank you to all of the righteous KHSU volunteers and staff who have given us just that for so many years.

Stacy Becker, McKinleyville

Mid-week massacre at KHSU boggles the mind

Hard to believe that the powers that be at HSU believed that eliminating all local volunteer programs would save money. Who is making these asinine decisions? Our favorite weeknight jazz programs, the daily classical music offerings and “Our Saving Grace” — among others — all gone. One plank in HSU’s mission statement is the importance of serving our local community and maintaining good town-gown relations. Hmm.

I understand that some have asked for a refund of their donations during the recent fund drive. May we suggest that instead you redirect your support to the many worthwhile student programs at HSU. We are sending ours to the Benavides-Garb Student Travel Fund that defrays some of the expenses of our language students studying abroad. But there are so many others including YES, the many departmental scholarship funds, support for the remaining athletic programs, OLLI, and our own Webb Student Leadership Fund.

I’m betting that fresh leadership that is on the horizon will right this foundering, but oh so valuable community resource: our Humboldt State University.

Judy and Buzz Webb, McKinleyville

Appalled by the actions of the current president

As a former HSU graduate student, and more recently an adjunct professor at HSU, I am appalled by the recent actions of the current president. It is quite clear that her legacy from her term at HSU will be the destruction of the most vital connections between the community at large and the HSU community with her recent demise of the football program, and now her evisceration of the campus radio station. Let us hope that the committee charged with finding her replacement has the good sense to have any candidate for her job promise to work to recover the damages she has inacted by undoing these thoughtless acts and firing those administrators that helped her with these ill-conceived actions.

Hartwell H. Welsh, Ph.D., Bayside

Single-payer presentation thanks HSU, supporters

Here’s a shoutout to the HSU clubs, American Medical Students’ Association (AMSA) and the PreMed Society on the HSU campus. Last Thursday night they organized and sponsored along with the Associated Students an in-depth presentation on the cost- and life-saving benefits of a single-payer health care system. Dr. Ed Weisbart spoke at the Kate Buchanan room to well over 100 participants, a coming together of “town and gown,” that can only bring positive results of communication and cohesion between the university and community members working for positive change. It was an inspiring and exciting event. Thank you, HSU!

Patty Harvey, Arcata; director, Humboldt Chapters, Health Care for All/PNHP

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