Painters and glaziers might have Eureka’s Republican Headquarters to thank for extra business. Vandals have hit the Fifth Street office five times in the past two years.

The Washington Times reported earlier this month that the state Republican Party’s resorted to raising money for repairs.


We’re supposed to be filled with peace and love, Humboldt County. We’re the county whose Democrats broke for Bernie Sanders by over 70 percent in the primary. Would Bernie approve of picking up a brickbat and heaving it at that life-sized cutout of President Trump?

We think not.

Besides, attacking endangered species is frowned upon here, isn’t it? Republicans are treading the waters of third party status here in Humboldt County. They ought to be left well enough alone until they can replenish their numbers to at least beat out the “No Party Preference” crowd.

Anything less is destructive and unsporting, and plays directly into the hands of our local Republicans’ bigger, meaner cousins on the national stage. We’ve already had to endure Tucker Carlson inventing new ways to mispronounce “Arcata” multiple times in a single Fox News segment.

So, vandals of Humboldt County: Please stop stoning Republican HQ. Seriously. You’ll only encourage them to go further underground, and you’re not doing anything to reduce blight in Eureka. We need vibrant debate in Humboldt County, and this isn’t it. The pen is mightier than the brick!

Attack your opponents’ ideas, not their windows. Better yet, beat them in an election. Or try writing a letter instead. We’ll publish nearly anything. Take this, for example.

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