St. Joseph Hospital

Ian Robert Kirk Pearson was born March 8, 2019, to Angela and Matthew Pearson.

James Connor Shelley was born March 12, 2019, to Kari and Frank Shelley.

Mad River Community Hospital

Liberty Kaye Tyson and Lincoln Eric Michael Tyson were born March 13, 2019, to Daniella Moore and Robert Tyson.

Brienora Rain Higley was born March 13, 2019, to Leeanne Svendsen and John Higley.

Kye Valor-Keith Alsobrook was born March 13, 2019, to Lonni and Thayen Alsobrook.

Aveyah La Vonne Belden was born March 15, 2019, to Amber Spearin and Paul Belden.

Penelope Rose Shahin was born March 16, 2019, to Laura Phelan-Shahin and Daniel Shahin.

Aidan Iinva Foust was born March 17, 2019, to Heather and Nathaniel Foust.

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