HEARD IT ON THE STREET: Why’s it important for you to take part in the March for Our Lives?

Dakota Kalvaitis-Heffernan, Arcata: “I feel like marching is a good way to express our beliefs. A lot of people think marching may not make much of a difference but it’s doing more than just sitting around staring at your phone all day.”


Mel Wardynski, Arcata: “It’s important to still show there are still school shootings going on and mass shootings in general. We need to not forget about this important issue.”


Beth Niemeyer, Eureka: “I want to show support at any time or place that I can for changes in our gun laws.”


Michele Walford, McKinleyville: “I’m here to support the kids, that’s what’s important.”


Rick Cooper, Southern Humboldt: “I think the kids need support for the movements they are making on their own. I think they’re brave and courageous and as a baby boomer I’m happy to see another generation step forward to make positive changes in our world.”



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