I recently learned that it’s illegal to burn poison oak in California. Turns out it mentions it right on the back of the burn permit. Oops, didn’t look.

Urushiol, the oil that irritates the skin and causes those nasty blisters does NOT disappear during the burning process. Instead it vaporizes into tiny droplets and then becomes airborne all over the neighborhood. Who knew?

So, that rash your kids got after hanging their sheets on the line is not measles, it is poison oak. Oops, sorry.

The neighbor who has asthma and had to spend five days in intensive care due to poison oak blisters in the throat and lungs? Oops, sorry. OMG, you don’t have good health insurance. Bummer.

Does homeowner’s liability insurance cover that $23,000 hospital bill? Have to find out.

Don’t burn poison oak or you and your neighbors will pay the consequences.

Debbi Krukonis, Fortuna

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