Artwork by Joan Katri is featured this month at the Ferndale Arts Gallery. (Courtesy of the artist)

Painter Joan Katri is the featured artist of the month at the Ferndale Arts Gallery, 580 Main St. in Ferndale.

Katri is a long-time member of the cooperative gallery and a third-generation Ferndale resident.

“Ferndale is the source of my inspiration, the flowers, the sky, the amazing landscapes,” said Katri, who has been drawing for as long as she can remember.

Her art career began with a large painting of bottles and beakers in the science room at the local high school. She graduated from the California College of Arts with a major in fashion illustration.

Katri’s work has been shown in many other galleries, including the Van Stratten in Chicago, the Breon in New York, Kauffman Gallery of Houston, Gallery 44 in Colorado, Boody Fine Arts in St. Louis and, in Eureka, at the Morris Graves Museum of Art and Piante gallery.

Katri’s work at the Ferndale Arts Gallery is greatly varied in subject and size, and every one of her pieces is an original work of art. She has also ventured into a completely different art form — what she calls “cotton fabric hookies.” With these, Katri creates pillows and small squares, each with her original subject hooked in colors into the soft piece.

For more information about the artist or the gallery, call 707-786-9634 or go to


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