‘He was pretty much angry all the time’ testifies mother of three at Cory Fisher sexual abuse trial


Editor’s note: This report contains graphic content that some readers may find disturbing. The Times-Standard has decided not to name the mother of the victims to protect the identity of the children.

The mother of three sons who were allegedly sexually and physically abused by a former county corrections deputy was the lone witness called on day two of the trial on Friday.


Cory Jordan Fisher Sr. has been charged with 13 counts of sexual and physical abuse of three boys as well as of inmates at the Humboldt County Jail.

Deputy District Attorney Stacey Eads called to the stand the woman who is now Fisher’s ex-wife to testify.

Eads questioned her about the relationship between the two. The mother, who had two sons when she moved to Eureka from Redding in 2005, met Fisher who was the coach of her oldest son’s Little League team.

What started as a friendship evolved into a romantic relationship, according to the mother, and she and Fisher later married and had a child of their own.

The mother described the relationship with Fisher as “a very loving relationship, he wanted to be a provider, I loved him.”

At the time they started dating, the mother was working as an In-Home Supportive Services aide and taking care of her disabled mother. Her work schedule would often leave Fisher alone with John Doe 1, her oldest son, and John Doe 2, the middle child, and it was during those times or when the mother was asleep that the abuse took place at the family’s residence on Williams Street in Eureka, according to testimony from John Doe 1.

The mother said in the early days before the birth of John Doe 3, Fisher was much closer with John Doe 1 and practically ignored John Doe 2, primarily due to the age difference between the two boys. She described John Doe 2 as more of a “mama’s boy,” and said Fisher and John Doe 1 spent a lot of time together.

“They were very close,” she said. “They did everything together.”

That included Fisher taking John Doe 1 to work with him when he was employed by a local telecommunications company. The first alleged instances of abuse occurred at the Williams Street residence according to John Doe 1 and it continued when they moved into a house on Pine Street and then again to a residence on Central Avenue.

By the time the family moved to Pine Street, the mother was working the night shift at Winco while Fisher was working overtime shifts at the jail.

“We didn’t spend a lot of time together,” she said, adding she noticed the relationship between John Doe 1 and Fisher had changed.

“The relationship was different,” she said, “(Fisher) was more controlling, he wouldn’t let him go to a friend’s house,” and when she asked Fisher what John Doe 1 had done wrong, he’d say things like “he was disrespectful” or make claims he had misbehaved in some way.

The mother described the changing nature of her relationship with Fisher and his increasing outbursts of anger. He had a “hair-trigger temper” and his controlling behavior of John Doe 1 escalated.

The mother said Fisher put a tracking device on the boys’ cell phones, that he would go to their schools and sit in class or track them down at lunch, and she described an incident of physical abuse committed by Fisher against John Doe 1 at a time after John Doe 3 was born.

When asked by Eads if she had ever seen Fisher inflict injury upon her sons, she said she had on at least two occasions and described one incident involving John Doe 1.

“The defendant punched him in the eye. The defendant was on top him choking him, his eye was swollen shut,” she said. “I was in the living room and heard him call ‘mom’. The defendant was punching him in the face with a closed fist. I jumped on his back to try and try to stop it,” and added Fisher then backed off and began to immediately apologize claiming he would never do it again.

The mother described another incident, this time involving John Doe 2 when he was 18, in which Fisher caused injuries to John Doe 2 that required a trip to the hospital for treatment.

The three had gone to a fundraiser in Fortuna and then stopped for gambling before they headed home. She said Fisher wanted John Doe 2 to drive him and his mother to bars in Eureka and that Fisher was belligerent and had been drinking.

Once back at home, the mother said John Doe 2 was packing a bag to leave and go stay with his girlfriend. Fisher was following him around repeatedly yelling, “I demand respect, I demand respect, I demand respect.” She said Fisher was “enraged” and “upset.”

The mother said Fisher pushed John Doe 2 to the ground and began to choke him until she grabbed a BB gun and hit Fisher repeatedly in the head to get him to stop.

Under cross-examination, defense attorney Deputy Conflict Counsel David Lee asked the mother if she called the police and she said she had but that she didn’t want him to go to jail. Lee questioned her about discipline in the house and if the boys were spanked, and she said yes, primarily by Fisher. She also said he would also throw remotes and cell phones at the boys when he was angry.

Lee questioned the mother about why she didn’t go to law enforcement when she learned of the sexual abuse allegations from John Doe 1 and John Doe 2 in 2017 and yet still remained in contact with Fisher by text.

“I still loved him,” the mother said at one point, adding she had been a single mother when Fisher entered their lives and he initially appeared to be a man who would provide for her and her two sons.

“I didn’t want to believe that someone I loved who I let in my life would hurt my children,” the mother said at one point, adding that when she learned of the sexual abuse allegations she “was in complete shock.” She said she later sent Fisher a text and told him not to come home.

The trial will resume on Monday morning at 9:30 a.m. in Courtroom 1.

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