In David Mervinsky’s letter to the editor of early February, he says to readers of the Times-Standard, “You may be shocked, surprised, and horrified because you are about to experience the pain of the Republican/Trump tax overhaul!”

Considering his personal experience with federal income taxes for last year, I can’t blame Mr. Mervinsky for feeling upset. But his all-inclusive warning to us readers of the Times-Standard is rash and unjustified. I say this because my wife and I recently had our income taxes prepared by a certified CPA who has been preparing our tax returns for the past 15 years or more. Our taxable income for 2018 was $2,061 more than it was in 2017. But, as we hoped, our federal tax for 2018 was less than it was in 2017. $924 less! Very satisfying.

Again, I sympathize with Mr. Mervinsky for the pain he feels in his particular case. But obviously, the Republican/Trump tax overhaul is benefitting some of us. Maybe a lot of us.

Robert McCune, Trinidad

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