In a recent laboratory study at Texas A&M University it was determined that visual exposure to settings with trees produced significant recovery from stress within 5 minutes as indicated by changes in blood pressure and muscle tension. In addition to just looking regal and beautiful, mature trees filter out air pollution, break cold winds in winter, cools in summer, reduces storm water runoff, slows traffic and adds up to 20 percent to home values.

Arbor Week is March 7 through March 14 and it’s a chance for Californians of all ages to celebrate together our natural wonders and most treasured resources: trees. Each of us has the responsibility to be a good steward to our environment. For over 20 years Keep Eureka Beautiful has planted over 1000 sidewalk and yard trees. Last month we planted trees with the students at South Bay School and this week we’re planting among Hammond Park’s new renovation.

If you’re interested in ameliorating global warming or just want to enjoy the simple beauty and calming effect of trees in our community, the all volunteer grunts at KEB including a professional arborist can be contacted at or call 707-443-5195.

Happy Arbor Week, neighbors. Feel free to hug a tree!

Wendell Schautz, Eureka

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