Joshua Kinch’s letter to the editor on Feb. 19 (“Cars, trucks, planes, gas wrecking the fragile planet”) gave me an idea. Stock car races are about to begin at Redwood Acres, and while this activity brings pleasure to many it is equally a source of irritation to many.Besides being abusively loud for hours and hours, and sometimes day after day, it burns gallons and gallons of gas. In addition to contributing to the heating of the planet all wildlife within the vicinity flee for their lives. So here’s the idea: new rules. No more “test and tune events” This is where they can run the cars on the track anytime during daylight hours Monday through Friday. No more running around the track starting at 11:30 a.m. with whatever it they do before the race. Make the cars quieter, lower the decibel level to adhere to the law. No more back to back Friday and Saturday races. Pick one or the other. Everyone wins. You don’t like the new rules? Then you may hear from me and Mr. Kinch and every mother-lovin’ Green New Dealer in the county on opening day.

Larry Lampi, Eureka

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