There’s roughly $3.5 million in Measure Z tax revenue for Humboldt County to hand out for the coming fiscal year, and dozens of outstretched hands requesting over $14 million. There will be winners and losers.

(You can find all of them below; we’ve summarized each of the requests.)

While the Citizens’ Advisory Committee on Measure Z Expenditures is reviewing these requests, it can only make suggestions. Ultimately, it’ll be up to the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors to dole out the revenue from the county’s half-percent general sales tax. What approach might the supervisors take? We’ve concocted a few scenarios:

The least they could do

Supervisors could acknowledge that all the revenue ever collected by Humboldt County rests on a foundation of genocide and plunder, and prioritize funding requests from local tribal entities. If the supervisors acted accordingly, they’d still have over $2.6 million in revenue to spare.

All roads lead to safety

Measure Z was sold to voters as a public safety tax. One of three proposals submitted by the Humboldt County Department of Public Works asks for $3 million for road repair. This is a drop in the bucket compared to the tens of millions needed to fix the county’s crumbling roads. And that’s not counting recent storms, which, as we reported Saturday, inflicted additional damages to county roads estimated at $18 million and rising. We can’t have any semblance of public safety — or civilization — without roads.

Fund the police

Granting all the requests filed by various police agencies would leave the supervisors about $900,000 to play with.

Fire, fire, fire

Firefighting and fire prevention related requests this cycle top $4 million, so some firefighters are going to stay thirsty for funds.

Preparedness is all

Assorted requests for generic, nonfire disaster prevention only total around $270,000, by our estimates.

An ounce of prevention

Many’s the finger that pointed at Humboldt County’s substance abuse problem as the cause of our public safety woes. Proposals that would either give people something else to do or treat them after they’ve picked up a habit total $953,546.

Roofs, beds and walls

Various proposals to help the homeless — and to keep them away from the library grounds at night — total just short of $650,000.

What do you think?

We’re just spitballing here, of course; it’s all up to the supervisors. Feel free to take a look at the list below, pick your favorite proposals, and let us know how you think they should spend $3.5 million.

After all, it’s your money.

Measure Z funding requests for fiscal year 2019-2020

Editor’s note: Humboldt County has received proposals totaling over $14 million competing for over $3.5 million in projected revenue collected by Measure Z, the county’s half-percent general sales tax. Below are Times-Standard summaries of the dozens of funding requests competing for the Board of Supervisors’ ultimate approval; a list of the complete requests can be found online here. Or you can click on any of the links below to read them one by one.

2-1-1 Humboldt Information and Resource Center (nonprofit; Eureka)

$55,000: Funding to replace a second call care specialist, bilingual, to assist with 15,000 to 17,000 calls yearly; and to cover associated costs.

AJ’s Transitional Living (nonprofit; McKinleyville)

$113,296: Funding to continue the position of house manager ($35,536) and other essential operating costs ($77,760 for rent, utilities, phones, transportation, etc.) of a clean and sober housing program.

Blue Lake Rancheria Volunteer Fire Department

$62,484: Funding for personal protection equipment for firefighters ($43,284), for which the tribe will provide the other required $10,821; and funding for a concrete and black top fire training tower pad ($19,200), for which the tribe will provide the other required $4,500.

Boys & Girls Club of the Redwoods (nonprofit; Eureka)

$100,000: Funding for personnel ($73,470), operating expenses ($19,183), and indirect costs ($7,347).

Bridgeville Community Center (nonprofit; Bridgeville)

$25,000: Funding for four secured 5,000 gallon water tanks reserved for wildfire protection.

City of Arcata

$30,000: Funding for a backup generator for the D Street Neighborhood Center, one of the city’s designated emergency disaster shelters.

$98,000: Funding for road grinding equipment to perform road repairs.

$32,000: Funding for five sets (10 individual) radar feedback signs.

$60,000: Funding for a backup generator for the Arcata Community Center, one of the city’s designated emergency disaster shelters.

$353,367.25: Funding for the wages and benefits for one school resource officer ($132,180.93) and two juvenile diversion counselors ($110,593.16 each).

City of Blue Lake

$17,540: Funding for design and development of a Hatchery Road/Mad River Access Masterplan to combat transient issues and other illegal activities in the area

$75,317: Funding for half-time sheriff’s deputy.

City of Eureka

$82,000: Funding for two part-time community service Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design event team members ($32,000) and the one-time purchase of a maintenance van ($50,000).

City of Eureka Community Services Department

$92,500: Funding for one-time project to address inappropriate behavior in Clara May Berry park, next to the Humboldt County Library, by removing unwanted equipment and installing gated fencing, to be opened daily by city staff and locked nightly by library staff.

City of Eureka Police Department

$415,000: Funding for salary and benefits of a police officer ($110,000); salary and benefits of waterfront parks ranger ($110,000); salary and benefits of half-time police officer ($55,000); temporary part-time salary of a Homeless Services Programs supervisor ($40,000); temporary part-time salary of a homeless outreach worker ($20,000); part-time salary of a homeless liaison ($10,000); funds for detox, emergency shelter, housing and transportation ($50,000); miscellaneous equipment needs ($10,000); out-of-county Police and Uplift staff training ($5,000 for travel, fuel, lodging and meals).

City of Eureka Police Department/Humboldt Bay Fire

$1.01 million: Funding for a complete radio upgrade for a failing radio communication system (six dispatch consoles and all related equipment, $170,000; microwave system replacement at each of seven current radio sites, $840,000).

City of Eureka Public Works

$750,500: Funding for the resurfacing of Fairway Drive.

City of Eureka Public Works/Humboldt County Public Works

$350,000: Funding for a one-time capital expenditure (resurfacing and construction of ADA improvements along Harrison Avenue between Erie and Munson streets).

City of Ferndale Police Department

$82,958: Funding for one-time replacement of the department’s Record Management Systems.

City of Fortuna Police Department

$34,794: Funding for a 2019 Ford F-150 pickup truck to be used by the city’s Problem Oriented Police officer in his duties to easily reach areas on the river bar and other areas not easily accessible by traditional patrol units.

$186,577: Funding for a full-time school resource officer salary ($72,156), overtime ($15,000), benefits ($76,921), occupancy and overhead costs ($12,500), mandated POST (Peace Officer Standards and Training) training ($2,500), general office supplies ($5,000), and travel costs related to training ($2,500).

$181,577: Funding for Drug Task Force agent ($72,156), overtime ($15,000), benefits ($76,921), occupancy and overhead costs ($12,500), mandated POST (Peace Officer Standards and Training) training ($2,500), travel costs related to training ($2,500).

City of Rio Dell Police Department

$33,488: Funding for a part-time police records technician.

Eel River Clean-up Project (nonprofit; Garberville)

$3,000: Funding to make up for shortfall in funding due to changing economy.

Garberville Sanitary District

$200,000: Funding for one-time replacement of 10 failed water hydrants.

Hoopa Fire Department and Office of Emergency Services, Hoopa Valley Tribe

$196,027.23: Funding for 10 handheld radios for personnel and five mobile radios for vehicles ($40,546.25), 10 gear packs of personal protection equipment ($3,535.75), 10 hard hats ($589.50), a 1-ton flatbed truck ($66,735), a 12-inch woodchipper ($63,333.73), and a masticator head ($21,287) for a Track Skid Steer unit to help with Wildland Urban Interface projects.

Hoopa Valley Tribal Police Department

$253,152.61: Funding for two full-time sworn Hoopa Resource Police Officer positions ($50,000 salary for each, with benefits of $25,589.04 and $22,942.20, respectively); basic issue firearm ($994.34) and basic issue uniform, including body armor ($3,142.87); and two patrol vehicles (new 2019 Ford F-150 crew cab XLT Sport 4WD) equipped with radio, lights, sirens, etc., for those officers ($100,484.15).

Humboldt CERT (Community Emergency Response Teams) Coalition (volunteer organization; Cutten)

$29,320.34: Funding for 60 Family Radio Service radios ($4,557); 7 2,000-3,500-watt Honda generators ($11,392.50); 8 5-gallon fuel cans ($329.84); 7 EZ-Up canopies ($2,498.76); 14 sets of color-coded triage tarps, 4 per set ($1,279.44); 30 triage marking tape sets ($382.42); 14 backboards ($2,536.73); 14 backboard strapping sets ($904.50); 36 4-in-1 utility tools for gas/water shutoff ($535.52); 8 heavy duty 4 packs of 82-quart storage tubs ($1,670.90); 16 pry bars ($429.66); 54 traffic cones ($924.38); 12 folded wagon carts ($1,041.60); 35 20-pack boxes of N95 masks ($388.99); 14 cases of 50 Mylar blankets ($448.11).

Humboldt County Department of Aviation

$81,725: Funding for the design of a new airfield electrical and lighting system at ACV Airport.

Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services

$257,500: Funding for Mobile Intervention Services Team expansion: housing support ($250,000) including short term housing, immediate temporary housing, transitional housing for participants in aftercare and recovery, rental assistance for permanent housing including security deposits and application fees, and other similar costs that assist participants in achieving housing stability; project administration (accounting and reporting) 3 percent, $7,500.

$4,300: Funding for Foster Care clothing allowances.

Humboldt County District Attorney

$400,742: Funding for two full-time administrative analysts (each with a salary of $58,344 and $29,704 in benefits), one full-time legal secretary (with a salary of $40,144 and $23,478 in benefits), and one full-time deputy district attorney (with a salary of $112,694 and $48,330 in benefits).

Humboldt County District Attorney/Adult Protective Services

$38,308.50: Funding to continue the positions of: one full-time APS program coordinator (with a salary of $59,234.05 and $45,254.60 in benefits), responsible for collaborative program development, community and tribal engagement, best practice research and facilitation and organization of Multidisciplinary Teams with the Elder and Vulnerable Adult Services Team; one half-time district attorney investigator (with a salary of $43,474.21 and $25,395.90 in benefits) and one quarter-time deputy district attorney (with a salary of $19,771.83 and $8,759.48 in benefits), both to be assigned to elder and vulnerable adult abuse. Additional funds are requested for the continued funding of Structured Decision Making annual maintenance cost and fees ($25,788.50); a laptop computer and 12-month data plan for the APS program coordinator ($1,320); and funds for four staff and team partners to attend yearly professional development trainings in Sacramento ($11,200).

Humboldt County Fire Chiefs Association

$2,366,794: Funding for county planning contractual services ($91,000); county dispatch fees ($87,620); out of jurisdiction response, 299 corridor/Maple Creek ($252,855); 25 fire shelters for wildland personal protection equipment ($9,700); handheld and mobile radios ($575,619); 45 sets of personal protective equipment, structural ($107,500); 61 sets of personal protective equipment, wildland ($59,500); fire hose replacements, ($67,035); 97 Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus packs ($435,365); SCBA replacement bottles ($111,000); training facility upgrade, Eureka ($250,000); fixed training facility, Fortuna ($319,600).

Humboldt County Library

$66,358: Funding to maintain one security guard and add another (salary of $33,179 each).

Humboldt County Public Defender

$793,639: Funding for two additional full-time attorneys ($724,137), operational costs (insurance, $9,071; telephones, $1,500; utilities, $1,500), supplies and consumables (office supplies, $5,000; professional and special services, $1,000; staff development and training, $12,000; state bar dues, $850; books and periodicals, $2,000; office equipment, $12,000), out of county travel ($1,000), overhead costs (IT, ADA, communications, central service, $18,956), Sustain (Court) software licenses ($4,625).

Humboldt County Department of Public Works

$871,300: Funding to establish and expand the Public Works Road & Equipment Maintenance Division’s (“County Roads”) heavy brush/fuel break program through: one-time purchase of two equipment trailers ($84,000) to haul two brush cutters ($330,000); one porta-potty ($10,000); one brush chipper ($40,000); toilet paper, sanitizer and cleaning fees for the porta-potty ($2,000); motor pool usage of four vehicles ($27,800); equipment usage ($18,580); contracting Cal Fire inmate crews at $200 per day ($75,000); personal protective equipment, radios, small tools ($20,000); tracking costs, paying invoices, reporting ($35,000); ongoing funding for four new road maintenance workers ($57,000 salary and benefits each).

$50,000: Funding for illegal dump cleanup (garbage bin rental and disposal fees for illegally dumped garbage, cleanup encampments).

$3 million: Funding for one-time maintenance and capital improvement projects: personnel costs of “extra help RMW I” ($100,000); “maintenance north” ($1.45 million); “maintenance south” ($1.45 million).

Humboldt County Department of Public Works/Resort Improvement District No. 1

$181,500: Funding for roadway clearing on up to 16.5 miles of strategic (evacuation routes and potential fire breaks) roads within Shelter Cove subdivision.

K’ima:w Medical Center/Hoopa Valley Tribe

$370,011: Funding to maintain an ambulance base in Willow Creek.

KMUD/Redwood Community Radio, Inc. (nonprofit; Redway)

$44,344.17: Funding for an Emergency Broadcast upgrade ($15,300 personnel costs; $7,500 operating costs; propane for generators, $300; transportation costs to transmitter sites, $500; two generators, studio to transmitter link equipment, solar power system and a portable satellite phone, $36,544.17).

Mercy’s Haven, Inc. (nonprofit; Blue Lake)

Funding for “faith-based next step (bridge) program, whose primary goal is the reunification of mothers with their children”, namely, “needed paid staff including a case manager and two house managers.”

McKinleyville Land Trust (nonprofit; McKinleyville)

$5,000: Funding for a community-based walkability and bikeability safety assessment to support Humboldt County’s McKinleyville Town Center planning.

Miranda Community Services District

$72,000: Funding for one-time purchase of eight fire hydrants with associated valves and piping ($40,000); labor ($32,000).

North Coast Substance Abuse Council, Inc. (nonprofit; Eureka)

$77,500: Funding for 1,250 treatment bed-nights at a rate of $62 per bed-night; services provided to participants include 90 days of food, shelter, case management, group therapy, individualized counseling, drug testing and transportation.

Orleans Community Services District

$200,000: Funding toward a new fire station.

Palo Verde Volunteer Fire Department

$50,000: Funding toward the one-time estimated $60,000 purchase of a newer quick attack truck.

Redway Community Services District

$110,423.20: Funding to replace 40 obsolete fire hydrants ($67,419.20 in parts, $9,400 for labor equipment, $27,200 in labor, $1,404 for 52 newspaper ads and $5,000 for two signs along Redway Drive).

Redwoods Rural Health Center, Inc. (nonprofit; Redway)

$24,000: Funding to provide outpatient drug treatment counseling services for more than 50 patients at the RRHC.

Resort Improvement District No. 1

$51,761: Funding for three additional emergency sirens for the district’s Shelter Cove community tsunami and emergency (wildfire) siren system.

Southern Humboldt Amateur Radio Club (SHARC)

$5,160.33: Funding for the upgrading of a Grasshopper (standalone) solar-powered repeater west of Weott, enabling coverage of the Humboldt County coast.

Southern Trinity Area Rescue (nonprofit; Mad River)

$82,528: Funding for two Emergency Medical Technicians at $31,200 salary and $6,864 benefits each, with projected Cost of Living Adjustments and overtime for both at $6,400.

Waterfront Recovery Services (Alcohol Drug Care Services, Inc.) (nonprofit; Eureka)

$638,750: Funding for a year of Medically Managed Detoxification services (five patients per day in five beds set aside) and Residential Treatment services (seven patients per day in seven beds set aside) for those who are suffering from substance use disorder and homelessness in Humboldt County.

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