Thank you, Mom!

I am 75 years old — not all would be called a stellar life, but right now, I am looking at a blue sky with clouds that are starting to reflect the sunset. What a privilege! Have you ever just sat in your backyard and marveled at the experience that is life? Unique! No one has lived your life. Good, bad, ugly, your life — life! Life! The experience of physically being! Here in this world, universe!

When you so sit, it becomes incomprehensible how anyone could voluntarily choose to end that opportunity for another human being. Abortion is snuffing out that opportunity!

How could you?!

I, myself, am the only child of an unwed mother whose choice was that I have the opportunity at life. Thank you, Mom, for giving me 75 years — the opportunity to watch the sunset.

Charlie Giannini, Fortuna

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