As a founding family member of Humboldt State University I am writing today to express to all concerned committee members who meet Feb. 4 on the search for a new president of the college how important it is to search for a young, diverse, not-to-retire-in-a-few-years president that will bring back the programs that the university was built on. The nursing program (the area is starved for medical help). The football program that was abruptly halted. Develop transparencies in college actions which means no alleged back door, under the table dealings. An ethnic diversity hiring program within the university for all and a commitment to the community to hold a town hall monthly with the community when school is in session. I urge the members to think outside the box. Over the years at times it’s been the college vs. the city residents. My great-grandparents, the Andersons, wanted a place for all people to learn. It’s time for the powers to be to step up, learn from the past, and make the right decision.

Thane Parton, Las Vegas

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