Humboldt County is getting some rough press lately!

Which is why I’m concerned that the Eureka city Council is considering removing the $400,000 used by the Humboldt Convention and Visitors Bureau. The longtime local fixture has a simple mission: to advertise the redwoods and the natural wonders that traditionally have brought people to our area.

The bureau has made some great connections and relationships across the globe that have been good for Humboldt County’s economy, as visiting tourists pay for hotel stays, eat at local restaurants and of course shop at our local stores.

Great corporations sell stories and then present the facts. For years Humboldt’s Visitors Bureau would tell stories about Humboldt’s history and redwood trees, then when potential tourists wanted to know more, the bureau would present facts to help them visit.

That’s basic marketing and it works. With how fragile our economy is right now, this is a huge point to consider.

Thank you,

Anthony Mantova, Eureka

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