Thank you, John Crandell, for your factual voice of reason regarding science (“Climate change is a real threat”, Times-Standard, Jan. 19, Page A4). I just read, in the science section of a weekly news magazine (THE WEEK, Jan. 11, 2019), that NASA recently put out a report identifying significant melting in a group of glaciers in Vincennes Bay (due south of Australia in East Antarctica). This is “a region previously deemed stable and unaffected by climate change.” Satellite imagery indicates that the height of the glaciers has dropped 10 feet since 2008, with the speed of melting accelerating. Apparently these glaciers are crucial because they block two inland ice basins from falling into the sea. “If both basins collapsed, sea levels could rise by up to 92 feet, submerging coastal communities around the world.” Do we really want to gamble with the accuracy of scientific information like this? By the time the climate deniers figure out that science doesn’t have an agenda, it will be too late for all of us.

Lisa Bethune, Arcata

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