A former Humboldt County corrections deputy who is charged with sexual abuse of minor children, as well as inmates at the county jail, was delayed due to scheduling conflicts with the prosecutor.


Cory Jordan Fisher Sr. has been charged with 12 counts of sexual molestation and lewd and lascivious acts committed against three juveniles boys. He’s also accused of sexually assaulting three inmates while he was employed as a corrections deputy.

Fisher’s trial was scheduled to begin next week but with the prosecutor, Deputy District Attorney Stacey Eads unavailable, it’s delayed until February.

“I am presently engaged in an ongoing criminal trial very similar to the Fisher matter,” Eads told Humboldt County Superior Court Judge Timothy Canning at a hearing Wednesday morning. “In light of that, I won’t be able to begin this trial as scheduled for Jan. 22.”

Eads then engaged in a discussion with Canning and Fisher’s defense attorney, Conflict Counsel David Lee, about some of the logistics involved in the Fisher matter including a questionnaire that will be created and presented to prospective jurors for jury selection.

Eads filed a motion to continue until February and Lee agreed telling Canning he had just received a requested expert’s report and he needed time to review that as well as to coordinate with Eads on the jury questionnaire.

“We had previously agreed trial would not start,” Lee told Canning, adding he was aware Eads was taken up with another trial. “We can leave the date as it is or we can start on Feb. 1 and proceed with limited motions.”

Lee and Eads are expected to have the jury questionnaire prepared by Jan. 25 and the trial could begin without a seated jury so that the matter does not exceed a limited time waiver entered by Fisher.

“We will leave the trial date set so that any witnesses summoned to appear will do so and I can then order them to appear at a later date,” Canning said. “We can check in on the 22nd and set jury selection for Feb. 4.”

In September, Judge Christopher Wilson found sufficient evidence to hold Fisher over for trial following a five-hour preliminary hearing conducted over two days.

Fisher appeared in court wearing handcuffs and a special red jumpsuit given to those who are housed away from the general population. He will be back in court on Jan. 22 for a hearing and further dates related to the scheduling of his trial will be determined at that hearing.

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