Some say it’s OK to be white, and that may be true. But if you are a guilt-ridden, virtue-signaling, politically correct, progressive female in charge of hosting a women’s event in Eureka, light skin can be … well, unfitting.

The on again off again Eureka Women’s March is back on again. According to former Eureka City Councilwoman Linda Atkins, the protest is set for noon, Jan. 19 at the Madaket Plaza in Eureka. Those recently in charge of the event had announced they were delaying it due “a lack of diverse speaker representation” and the organizers themselves being “overwhelmingly white.” The story made national headlines, and not in a good way.

I’m not sure what demands Ms. Atkins has placed on Women’s March speakers and organizers, but hopefully two X chromosomes will do the trick.

It’s not easy throwing together a women’s march. Even within one’s own feminist mob you need more than pink hats and profanity-laced signs to get behind the cause. You also need dark skin. Eureka Women’s March organizers considered themselves “pigmentally challenged” and cancelled the event. Evidently, women are not oppressed unless a percentage of their leadership has minority status. That’s not racist, is it? No, it’s “diversity,” a progressive holy word to be revered and worshipped.The poetic irony of all this is delicious.

It’s fun to protest in a country where you live in relative comfort, free from hardship and oppression, and get to complain that you’re marginalized in some capacity. It looks good on the evening news and proves that you and your sisters “support the movement.” If you’d really like to push the liberal agenda, I suppose you could hand over your job/position of power to a woman of color. Or you could organize a march in a third-world country and help your sisters who are truly oppressed and marginalized.

Then again, that would mean real activism and might interfere with your daily Starbucks espresso and hot yoga classes.

I think the Eureka Women’s March has bigger issues than white-skinned organizers or marchers being too cis, too right wing, to Christian, or too whatever. They have somehow failed to convince enough black- and brown-skinned women they are victims. They are also on the verge of losing a large portion of their supporters. Those involved in the march up to this point have found that organizers will throw them under the bus for their own advantage. They demand loyalty to the cause, but seem to have little intention of returning that kindness.

March organizers are cutting off their nose to spite their face. I can’t imagine putting on an event and literally counting how many different races are there. The ethnic makeup of a woman’s march should not be a problem unless one is excluding people due to skin color. Liberals seem to spend every moment of their lives worrying about such nonsense. How can anyone be so racist, so off base, and so superficial? Oh wait. This is the new generation of Democrat Socialists.

These women need to go home and self-flagellate, then come back even more determined to show their far-reaching lack of self-worth.

Women’s March organizers are victims of their own victimhood. Why are they heaping attention on women of color and shoving white women off the speaker’s platform? How does it help to separate and divide your supporters? Isn’t the purpose of a rights movement to achieve equal rights for all people in that group? Furthermore, don’t they know the globalist deep state hates white people of either sex?

If organizers are after more women of color, perhaps half of Humboldt’s white women should self-identify as black or Asian. Or maybe “Cherokee Liz” could come speak at the event. She’s not really white, you know.

The real problem with the Eureka Women’s March is not a lack of diversity. The event was planned by leaders who lack a cohesive message and were too worried about being inclusive to get anything done. If there are not enough people of color participating, it might be a sign that the cause is misguided. Organizers want a rainbow of women for the march. Yet they fail to see that lumping people by race is no less foolish when you change who you discriminate against.

I hope Linda Atkins and her crew understand this. They might survive today’s public denunciations and inquisitions. But tomorrow might be different. Stop favoring one race over another. Treat all women equally. When you divide them into black and white, don’t expect cohesiveness.

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