It is beyond sad to read letters from so many good people, recently including two in their eighties, who’ve been scared silly about a climate catastrophe coming if the atmosphere warms by 1.5 degrees C. Shame on the charlatans, including the Times-Standard, who peddle this stuff. And heaven help the children and teenagers for whom life has been made to look hopeless.

We were fortunate to have been born during the Holocene, the current interglacial period. It began some twelve thousand or so years ago when the Laurentide Ice Sheet began melting. That glacial ice was up to two and half miles thick and covered all of what would become Canada and down to Virginia.

Atmospheric CO2 was less than it is now and yet the earth started warming anyway and over several thousand years the glacial ice disappeared, except for remnants in higher altitudes. And, of course, the charlatans blame our use of fossil fuels for causing any further melting of these.

For the vast majority of the Holocene, the earth’s temperature was warmer than it is now. Why? Humans didn’t cause it. And when CO2 was much higher around the Triassic/Jurassic boundary the earth didn’t combust.

A recent letter writer mentioned being scared by a National Geographic article. The great National Geographic and Scientific American icons that we grew up with are no more. They’ve been taken over by activists who have an agenda. That agenda is where all government climate research money goes.

Real scientists are skeptics.

Jack Hopkins, Eureka

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