HEARD IT ON THE STREET: What are your thoughts on the Eureka Women’s March debacle?

Stephanie Holifield, Eureka: If the whole march leadership is formed of just white women, it gives African-Americans a sense that we’re not even welcomed, since we’re not involved.
Zhiao Parks, Fortuna: Canceling for just women I think is really odd, because even though I’m not white, because I think we’re overplaying race… if it’s for a good cause, it’s fine!
Mallory Byrd, Eureka: It’s nice that people have stepped up and decided not to cancel it… You can’t just stop it because it’s still important in the community.
Michael Sapiente, Eureka: If there weren’t any other races in it, then that’s on them, but I still support it.
Tahni Price, Eureka: I am so glad it’s back on, but I’m glad people were represented in that decision of canceling it.
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