Congressman Jared Huffman states he did not support President Obama getting us involved with the Syrian civil war. He also states he does not support President Trump getting us out of the Syrian War. I’m confused? He calls the Kurds our allies now but did not call them our allies when President Obama got us involved in the civil war. What has changed? I have some questions for Congressman Huffman. What is our constitutional authority to be fighting in Syria? How long do you think we should fight in Syria and what has the cost been so far? Congressman Huffman, would you support sending your children over there to fight? If not, why? How come the United Nations or NATO cannot take over? Congressman Huffman owes the people of Northern California an explanation as to why he thinks we should continue to fight in Syria. By the way, who are the good guys and who are the bad guys? Whose side are we on? How many people has our country killed there?

David Reilly, Ferndale

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