Your article “Group tasked with Measure K enforcement” (Times-Standard, Jan. 4, Page A2) contains the following sentence: “As part of the implementation, the commission is tasked with enforcement of the ordinance as well as the handling of complaints.”

Please note that Measure K itself does not mandate that the Humboldt Rights Commission enforce the ordinance. Measure K simply requires that they receive complaints, gather statements, and report all to the Board of Supervisors. It does not even require that they make a recommendation. The process, which was borrowed from other counties, simply ensures a Brown Act protected paper trail for complaints. If the HRC is tasked with enforcement, that is coming from the Board of Supervisors, not Measure K itself.

Also the forms employees are being asked to sign are not mandated by the measure either. I am curious as to whether similar forms were distributed when Senate Bill 54 was passed, which was much more extensive than Measure K and just as binding on county government. A simple memo requesting that no employee contact ICE to turn in a suspected undocumented immigrant without checking with a supervisor would have sufficed.

I do agree that the HRC should be provided resources to perform its tasks.

Eric V. Kirk, Eureka

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