On Thursday, Dec. 6, 2018, all California school district data was published by the California Department of Education (CDE). The CDE retrieves their data through the California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS). CALPADS is an online portal each California school district uploads its student data to. The CDE uses this portal for all of its reporting and funding.

One of the components of the data release was the graduation cohort rate. This rate describes the percentage of ninth graders that have graduated, with a diploma, in four years. The CDE reported our data for this cohort using inaccurate data. There were errors in the data reported to CALPADS. For example, some students were not coded correctly to show they were actually graduated. They were shown as a returning student.

The graduation cohort rates reported from CDE with inaccurate data were:

• Academy of the Redwoods, 88 percent;

• East (Continuation) High School, 37.29 percent;

• Fortuna High School, 85.88 percent;

• Fortuna Union High School District, 74.80 percent.

Once the district discovered the inaccurate data, we immediately fixed them in CALPADS. Our true and accurate graduation cohort rates are:

• Academy of the Redwoods, 95.83 percent;

• East (Continuation) High School 84.75 percent;

• Fortuna High School 97.02 percent;

• Fortuna Union High School District, 94.02 percent.

We apologize for our mistakes and inaccuracies. Steps have already been taken to ensure the accuracy of our data and its reporting to the CDE through CALPADS.

The Fortuna Union High School District is proud to serve the greater Fortuna area with outstanding programs at all of our sites, including Fortuna High, Academy of the Redwoods, and East High. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. We can be reached by phone at 707-725-4462 or by email at

Glen Senestraro is superintendent of Fortuna Union High School District.

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