The city of Eureka put a measure on the ballot for a vote to increase a tax for the repair of city streets stating they did not have the funds to do repair. Oh, now they come up with a $450,000 from the general fund for a speculation project. Were they being truthful to the citizens?

Now, a developer has stated that if the city would not put in a traffic light at Vigo and Broadway, they would pull out of the deal. It sure sounds like a blackmail to me.

The present proposal is an estimate, not a guaranteed thing.

What happens if they do not meet their projected funds? The city would be holding the bag. I bring into account of Shelter Cove. I bring in the mall. How many stores are vacant? Is the city getting taxes from empty stores?

Did the city assist Pierson in putting in its light on Broadway? Pierson is an established business and has invested in our community both in personnel, revenue and taxes.

Why hasn’t the city assisted in getting the Balloon Track developed? This development would be a big assist to the city in the form of taxes, jobs and revenue as well as beautify that property . That property has been sitting vacant for over 20 years. The developer has invested a lot of money in trying to develop that property. This would not require monies from the city. This development would be a positive for the city in many ways. I would recommend the city show more enthusiasm in the developing the Balloon Track!

When is government going to be open and up front with the citizens?

Just a thought.

Dale Bridges lives in Eureka.

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