The sad death of John Allen Chau is disturbing not just because a young vital life was ended, nor because he wanted to bring his religious beliefs to people who did not share his beliefs nor did they want to. What he overlooked is the danger he may have brought to the North Sentinel Island people. People who have lived in isolation from the outside world and as a consequence have no immunities to the diseases of the outside world. His foray into their territory may have brought a disease, as simple as the common cold, that could have wiped them out. We know from history that smallpox, measles and other European diseases decimated the indigenous population of the Americas. Was there no one to explain to him the danger he posed to these people? He lost his life and endangered the lives of everyone on that island for his belief in a deity that is just one of thousands of deities that people have believed in, died for, killed for and waged wars for throughout history. He gave his life to religious hubris and those who taught him should live in shame for a long, long time and hope those island people survive.

Larry DePuy, Eureka

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