HEARD IT ON THE STREET: How will the potential loss of Arcata bars Sidelines and Toby and Jack’s change the social scene?

Alfonso Herrera, Arcata: Taking away those bars isn’t going to be too much of a change for the community, but I think they were fun spaces for people to enjoy.
Cassidy Melton, Arcata: It’s definitely going to boost the other businesses, but all of the bars have their own environment; I don’t know where those people are going to go.
Jasmine Stuart, Arcata: People who go and drink there don’t go and drink anywhere else, so I’m not sure what’s going to happen to them.
John Olson, Arcata: I’m afraid that their customers are going to bleed into the other bars that are well-managed and safe.
Jonathan Abidari, Arcata: I think it will only mean people will need to find somewhere else to get drunk, to be honest.
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