“Make Peace with Money” is a new book by Lorna McLeod. (Courtesy of Lorna McLeod)

Local certified financial coach and author Lorna McLeod has written a new book, “Make Peace with Money: Redefine Your Relationship with Money, Master Your Personal Finances, and Discover True Wealth.” It is available through Amazon.

With wisdom, humor and wide-ranging experience, McLeod addresses self-limiting mindsets and less-than-conscious behaviors in her book to bring readers to experience greater financial well-being. She hopes to guide people to learn to stay calm when making decisions, cultivate a previously unknown peace with their pocketbook and, therefore, make sounder financial choices.

Unlike books that focus on “manifesting money,” she said, this book focuses on small, pragmatic steps that add up to greater certainty and clarity with financial wealth. It also helps readers identify and celebrate their other sources of non-monetary wealth.

As a certified financial coach and author, McLeod supports her clients to create a healthier, more peaceful relationship with money. With 27 years of experience in the field, she uses practical exercises, worksheets and meditative techniques to help people let go of the stress associated with finances and start fulfilling their dreams. She is the creator of the Make Peace with Money program. For more information, go to  www.makepeacewithmoney.com.

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