A haze sits over Samoa on Thursday afternoon. The National Weather Seervice said the area is likley to remain under a haze for a few more days. (Ruth Schneider — The Times-Standard)

For Thanksgiving, Humboldt County residents could receive a respite from the hazy conditions that have descended on the area as a result of ongoing fires throughout the state.

But until then, there’s a pretty good chance the smoky conditions will persist.

“It’s going to stay hanging in this moderate to occasionally unhealthy for sensitive groups depending on your location for the next few days,” said meteorologist Alex Dodd of the National Weather Service Eureka office. “There isn’t a whole lot of wind out there to push any of the smoke or haze completely out of here.”

The North Coast Unified Air Quality Management District reported Thursday that conditions were in the moderate to unhealthy to sensitive groups for much of the county.

“Overall smoke impacts are forecast to be ‘moderate’ to ‘unhealthy for sensitive groups’ with periods of ‘unhealthy’ depending on weather and location,” the agency said in an announcement Thursday.

Dodd said there is not a lot of wind or rain headed this way for the next few days, which could disperse the murky air.

“All in all, I would expect conditions holding steady through the next few days, maybe getting a touch better in some spots,” he said. “I don’t see things getting worse.”

Around the long holiday weekend next week that could change.

“Mid- to late next week with a potential for a front to come in and some rain arriving, (it will be) much better Thanksgiving and thereafter,” he said.

He said it is unlikely there will be a shift in winds that would bring more smoke this way.

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