Fortuna council remembers Linda Gardner

The Fortuna City Council took a short walk during its regular meeting this week to recognize the late Linda Gardner, a former councilwoman.

A memorial plaque has been placed on the small corner garden at 10th and Main streets in the Friendly City. It reads: “In Dedication to Linda Gardner for her City Council and Garden Club services.” Members of the Fortuna Garden Club joined city of Fortuna representatives Monday to honor Gardner’s memory.

“She was the voice of reason,” said Fortuna Mayor Sue Long, “and I always appreciated that about her. There are some people you connect with in life and she was one of those people to me.”

Gardner was a member of the Fortuna City Council and the Fortuna Garden Club, as well as several other organizations when she died of cancer in October 2016.

“She was my next door neighbor and I miss her every day,” said Fortuna Garden Club member Debra Strahan. “She loved the community,” she added, “and was a great neighbor and a good friend.”

Fortuna Garden Club President Karen Hall said, “She was really a sweetheart, and dedicated to the Garden Club.”

The memorial plaque is affixed to the corner garden area which Gardner was caring for when she died.

The small group gathered listened as Fortuna City Councilman Doug Strehl read some remarks that had been prepared by Gardner family.

“Linda loved Fortuna and considered it a great honor to serve with all of you on the City Council,” Strehl read. “To her, it was a privilege that she took seriously, and she admired all of you for your dedication and hard work.

“She also has a special passion for beautification of the city,” Strehl continued, “as well evidences by her adoption of a Main Street flower box, as well as her work with the Fortuna Garden Club.”

“Though she has been gone for over two years, we miss her every day,” the family remarks stated, “and are deeply appreciative that you chose to honor her this way. She’d be pleased.”

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