Seth Polly kneels with a goose which he hunted by bow, Saturday morning (Nov. 3) at the Arcata Bottoms. (Contributed/Sam Polly)

Seth Polly didn’t sleep in and watch cartoons last Saturday morning, Nov. 3. Instead, the 10-year-old boy crawled on his stomach for several hundred yards through the Arcata Bottoms before spying a goose. Polly, fresh out of his homemade obsidian and chert arrows which he and his father made during the past summer months, threaded an aluminum arrow into his recurve bow and let it loose at a goose not more than 20-yards out.

“That’s not a feat many adults, much less a 10-year-old boy, can pull off,” Seth’s father Sam Polly said. “The kid belly crawled hundreds of yards to get close enough for an archery shot.”

Seth Polly struck the goose dead on, successfully finishing off what will go down as one of his most memorable hunts. Seth Polly, although only age 10, has been hunting for four years.

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