Are sunny days here to stay? For the first part of November, the answer appears to be “yes.” (Shomik Mukherjee — The Times-Standard)

Another week into fall season means another without significant rainfall as the National Weather Service confirmed the first part of November will be completely dry.

“The weather’s going to be pretty nice this week,” said Jeff Tonkin of the National Weather Service office in Eureka. “It should be totally dry, with no rain in sight until likely next week, Monday-ish.”

Next week may bring about a new weather pattern, one that’s significantly rainier. But even if the pattern occurs, it should be limited to mostly showers.

“The pattern’s not showing a total inundation of many inches,” Tonkin said, predicting an inch of rain at most across the first two days of next week. But even that isn’t certain, he added — any confidence for more than a week into the future is always “pretty low,” weather-wise.

Temperatures through Nov. 11 look to be in the low 60-degree range along the coast and in the upper 70s, low 80s toward inland Humboldt County.

“If this current trend cools off, it could be much colder,” Tonkin said of future weeks. “We could see cloudier and rainier weather; we’d probably be looking at temperatures in the upper 50s.”

Stronger offshore winds in the latter half of this week should clear up any cloudiness and early morning fog. If the wind speeds do pick up, Eureka will be treated to some sunshine in the later part of the week.

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